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this bundle includes:
1x SNAGGER black/black (red print)
1x SNAGGER black/black (green print)
1x SNAGGER black/red
1x SNAGGER black/blue
1x SNAGGER black/orange
1x SNAGGER black/green
6x NicNacs 40g
6x m&m´s Peanut Big Pack 70g

SNAGGER: the first refillable, hygienic snack dispenser for your favorite snacks!

You love snacking while your gaming sessions at home, in the car, in the office or simply on the couch?
Using the SNAGGER you can “snag” your portion directly into your mouth and your fingers remain CLEAN!

You like to snack at parties but you don´t want to grab the snacks from the same bowl as all the other guests?
Using the SNAGGER you can take your portion and the other snacks  REMAIN UNTOUCHED

An eye-catcher and a great gift for your next party.

special features:

  • the SNAGGER is suitable for a variety of snacks such as peanuts, NicNacs, M&Ms, …
  • designed to fit common cup holders (car, bike, camping chair, … )
  • easy and SIMPLE: use the snagger with only one hand!
  • uncomplicated disassembly   AND   cleaning in the dishwasher (approval for programs up to 50 degrees)


high quality standards – MADE in GERMANY

easy. clean. snacking.


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